The Joys of Jello
Product Design
Until the mid-19th century, gelatin-based foods were exclusively for the elite–the process of producing both gelatin and molds were extremely laborious. Thanks to industrialization and the introduction of home refrigerators, by the 1950s gelatin-based foods began to trend. Inspired by the endless colors, forms, and textures of Jell-O, “The Joys of Jell-O” celebrates the heyday of this modern food phenomena.
"The Joys of Jello" was designed and fabricated by Arianna Silen. Each piece was 3D modeled and milled onto polystyrene foam using the CNC machine. The milled forms where used as molds to cast plaster. After the plaster cured, it was then released from the mold and vacuum formed using food safe PETG plastic. Each piece was then cut and routed to clean the edges. 
Then, color. Red, yellow, and green pigment was dissolved in hot water. Each mold was dyed, altering between hot and cold water to seal the color. The molds where left to dry and then dyed again until desired color was achieved. The result is, "The Joys of Jello"!
On view in Wanted Design Brooklyn from May 16 to May 20, 2019 as part of New York Design Week.