Architect, Artist and Designer. Arianna Silen works across different mediums and scales, pursuing design through a multidisciplinary perspective. 
In smaller scale work, such as graphic design, furniture and objects, the focus is on integration and cross-discipline coordination. Work is done across boundaries of other-wise separated professions. The underlying belief being that with greater communication between disciplines, new possibilities are uncovered and then realized. In reaching across boundaries, linkages are established, connections made, and new ideas take root as greater rigor is established. 
In the architectural work, the methods are the same - but at a different scale. The goal is to make a strong combination of poetic and practical, aesthetic and funcional. There is a strong  interest in creating an experience within the built environment - as beauty exists in what works and is revealed. 
Good work requires extra care - always given - regardless of size.
Arianna's work has been exhibited in New York Design Week, Chicago Architecture Biennale, Sullivan Galleries and Western Exhibitions. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Architecture with a thesis in Visual and Critical Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and is currently based in Miami, Florida.
2019 November 16 - December 6 Sullivan Galleries Exhibition
2019 November 2 Soiled book launch at Chicago Architecture Biennial
2019 May 16 - 20 New York Design Week was/is at Wanted Design 
2019 May 11 Visual and Critical Studies Thesis Symposium at The Art Institute of Chicago
2019 April 6 GIFC exhibition at Western Exhibitions